How to make a rented standardized apartment your own

In the United States of America, and especially in Houston Real Estate, most apartments or condos look the same upon rent or purchase whether they are in a loft style with hardwood floors or in a cozy style with carpeted floors.

All depends on your budget but most likely, you will end up in apartment white walls and wooden kitchen cabinets. It is sometimes not easy to personalize your home especially if you are renting it. Renting an apartment allows you more freedom to move whenever you want if your lease is flexible but you are restrained in not putting holes in the walls or modifying the colors of your surroundings. Nothing is of course stopping you but you will probably never see your deposit back even if you try to paint it back upon departure.

Here are some tips to make an apartment or a house your home.

The Night Lights

Lightning is very often overlooked but can create different moods and fully participate in setting up a homey atmosphere. Night lights can be light bulbs of a different color such as red in order not to be too rough on your sight at night time. The red is easy on the eyes and gives this cocoon feeling that will make you forget about your day at work.

A darker atmosphere is perfect for a laid back night with your partner, potentially a wine glass in your hand.

The color of the bulb is not the only option to create a romantic atmosphere. Small lights that you can hang anywhere or wrap around a window or by the side of your bed are easily found all over the major sale websites on the Internet. Easy to install, the string LED lights exist in various colors as well. The white lights will however give your apartment a night under the stars look if you choose to install them high.

The Art Work

Going out to art galleries, car boot sales or just surfing on the internet to encounter artwork you really want to put up on your walls is fun to do. Another idea if you don’t know anything about art is to frame the poster of your favorite movie. One nail is enough to put it up and you have a chance to customize the frame as you like. You can buy a wooden frame and paint it, carve it, do whatever you want to make it as you like. Bear in mind not to put up too many artwork on your walls as it can make the space seem smaller. In addition to the space, one nail for one frame; it is fine to fill a couple of holes in the house or apartment but the more artwork you are willing to put up there, the more filling you will have to deal with upon departure. Art can also in found in carpets, magnets and music. Prepare yourself some playlists you want to listen to going back home after a long day of work. While the music is on, seat in your favorite armchair, sip on wine, and look at the artwork in a doomed light; that’s what home feels like.

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